Libros recomendados para el CA.


Building Scientific Apparatus.

A practical guide to desing and construccion.

Perseus Books.

Uno de los mejores libros de mi colección. Lo descubrí hace relativamente poco tiempo y ya lo considero imprescindible. Cubre todos los apartados, mecánica, electrónica, óptica, vacío, cristal etc. Yo lo compré en Amazon.

El Dr Frank de Copenhague.


The art of electronics.

Paul Horowitz y Winfield Hill.

Cambridge University Press.

Un libro bien conocido de los diseñadores de circuitos. Muy practico pero con muy buen nivel. Lo tengo en la mesilla de noche. (es un decir). Se puede comprar en las buenas librerias tecnicas de España.


Principios de análisis instrumental.

McGraw-Hill Interamericana de España. ISBN 84-481-2775-7

Un libro magnifico para cualquier científico, donde se describen las técnicas analíticas mas avanzadas. Entre ellas electroforesis, cromatografía, espectroscopia de masas, resonancia magnética etc. Esta en español y se puede encontrar en las buenas librerías universitarias. RECOMENDADO.


Procedures in experimental Physics

Una magnifica reimpresion de un libro calsico de los años 40. Si te consideras un experimentador, un inventor o un constructor de engendros, debes tener este libro. Disfrutaras como un enano. Superrecomendado. Esta editorial tiene otros muchos libros que son una delicia para el científico aficionado.


Descripcion en ingles.

You'll find wall-to-wall practical how-to and incredible illustrations on almost every one of the more than 600 pages. Chapters include: laboratory glass blowing, laboratory optical work, technique of high vacuum, coating of surfaces by evaporation and sputtering, the use of fused silica, electrometers and electroscopes, Geiger counters, vacuum thermopiles and the measurement of radiant energy, optics, photoelectric cells and amplifiers, photography in the lab, heat and high temperature, notes on the materials of research, notes on the construction and design of instruments and apparatus, and molding and casting.

This is some incredible stuff! Learn how to blow glass and make aspirators, distillation condensers, and so on. Learn how to seal copper to glass so that you can imbed electrodes. Learn how to rough cut lens blanks from large plates of glass and then grind them into lenses on your homebuilt lens grinder. Learn how to make a parabolic telescope mirror using the standard techniques. Learn to make unusual equipment to test the finished mirror. Learn how to grind a Schmidt lens.

Build high vacuum roughing pumps, getters for creating the highest vacuums, diffusion pumps using mercury and oil and much more. Silver mirrors, even with aluminum! Manipulate fuzed quartz strands to build a microbalance sensitive down to a billionth of a gram per division! And there's so much more!

Build a Compton adjustable quadrant electrometer, a Hoffman electrometer, and others useful for x-ray and cosmic ray work. Build a Geiger counter. You can build your own Geiger-Mueller tube if you master the high-vacuum technique taught earlier. Unfortunately, most of the electronics described is based on vacuum tubes of fifty years ago rather than on transistors.

Build vacuum thermopiles that measure infrared, visible light and ultraviolet so accurately that they can be used to calibrate photographic lightmeters and such. You've heard of carbon arc lights, but do you know how to build iron arc lights? Or low pressure mercury arc lights? And others? You can even build a machine to measure the wavelength of colored light.

You'll find details on hydrogen furnaces, crucibles, burners, electric arc furnaces, and even a lab setup for making artificial rubies and sapphires! And there's much more - even down to what we consider the "easy stuff" like using a lathe and sand casting.

This is a fantastic book loaded with construction secrets for unusual equipment that you should have. First published in 1938, this baby went through a couple of dozen printings! It's a classic. It's incredible. You should have a copy for reference if nothing else. Highly recommended. Order a copy today.

5 1/2 x 8 1/2 sewn softcover 642 pages ......$24.95